IMARK Webinar: How to Build a B2B eCommerce Webstore that Actually Sells

Are you frustrated by a lack of online sales?

Are you considering building a B2B eCommerce webstore?

In This On-Demand Webinar You Will Learn:

Why Product Content is Key Learn how to source and manage high-quality product content that results in more sales. We'll show you the difference good content makes and why it's so important to your online success.

Communication Strategies "If you build, they will come" only works in a Field of Dreams. To establish customer adoption and drive traffic to your site, you need to have a simple but effective communication strategy.

eCommerce Requirements We'll help you understand what to look for while evaluating a potential eCommerce service provider and how to leverage common B2B features to delight existing customers and grow sales.

Your Questions, Answered Join Colleen and Matt as they tap into decades of collective experience to answer your questions relating to B2B eCommerce product content, software, and marketing strategies.

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